I'm Kyle Johnson; A 31 year old freelance editorial/advertising photographer. I thrive on shooting interesting people and places. I hail from the Pacific Northwest, a region whose stereotypes I proudly represent: I'm a bearded, Subaru-driving, espresso-loving fly fisherman. Lets make some bad jokes and inspiring images.

Kyle was a winner of the PDN30 New & Emerging photographers to watch 2014.

Travel Notice:
Paris, France October 8-12
Corsica, France October 13-15
Cinque Terre, Italy October 16-18
Florence, Italy October 18-21
Los Angeles, CA October 24-27

Email: kyle@kjphotos.com
Phone: 425-941-3960
Instagram: @KJphotos1022
Blog: KJPhotos Tumblr 
Twitter: @KJPhotos  (Mostly attempts at humor... & a few photos)


Bianco Artist Management
Maria Bianco | Agent 
+312 286 4769

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PDN30 2014/Wallpaper* Magazine/Mull It Over/Feature Shoot/Cool Hunting